Large Format Camera System

Large Format scanning set up, with scroll on vacuum table.


  • Phase One IQ280 Camera Back
  • Sinaron Digital HR SW 1:5.6 90mm Lens
  • Sinar eShutter M72
  • Phase One Flex Adapter
  • ZBE Mechanized Raising/Lowering Column
  • Systematic Automation Vacuum Easel
  • TTI LED Lights

Software: CaptureOne Pro 10 ; Sinar eShutter Control

Features: Digital Services currently uses the Phase One IQ280 camera back and Sinaron Digital HR SW 1:5.6 90mm lens with a Sinar eShutter M72. The camera back is mounted on a tailored Phase One Flex Adapter which allows for seamless stitching of very large or panoramic items. The lens sits underneath camera back in a bellow system that allows the lens to be moved with respect to the focal plane for focusing. Both the camera back and lens are mounted on a customized ZBE mechanized raising/lowering column. Documents to be scanned are typically mounted on a Systematic Automation vacuum easel and lit with TTI LED lights.

How we use it:  Digitization of large format items such as maps, charts, posters, herbarium specimens, architecture drawing, photographs, and newspapers; general oversized and/or panoramic items

Example Projects: 

DISCLAIMER: This equipment is used by the Digital Services department at the University of Florida Libraries. Inclusion on this list should not be taken as an endorsement of any manufacturer’s product. Those using this list as a guide for their own purchases should be cautioned that equipment suited to the department’s specific needs, source documents, or fitness-for-purpose determinations may not be suited to another institution’s needs, the source documents they intend to image, or meet other fitness-for-purpose requirements.