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Digital Support Services (DSS)
Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O Box 117003
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA

P: 352.273.2900
F: 352.392.6597

Digital Project / Collection Approval & Processing Workflow

Collection Approval and Processing Workflow
Primary Contact Work Required
Gifts & Exchange
Subject Specialist

Approval, Intake, Inventory

All inquiries about Gifts are referred to Gifts & Exchange (Collection Management Bulletin 6.15: Policy for Gifts of Materials).

1. Books go to Gifts & Exchange for consideration and inventory prior to review
2. Approval, refusal, intake, and inventory of materials per Gifts Program policies, in collaboration with Subject Specialists and Departments (and following applicable policies for all)
3. Gifts & Exchange handles the deed of gift for books

Manuscripts/archival materials:
1. Manuscripts and archival materials are reviewed at their location (prior to being brought to the Libraries) by Special Collections or Area Specialists for approval/refusal
2. Refusal and/or approval and intake processed per departmental policies (Special Collections Acceptance Policy)
3. Special Collections handles the deed of gift for manuscript and archival materials

Conservation Conservation work done as needed to process materials prior to ingest into collection or to prepare for digitization
AGRSSR / Grants Management If digitization, approval and prioritization according to committee's needs and priorities
Subject Specialist

Digital Collection Creation
DLC consults with Subject Specialist and asks Subject Specialist to provide:

  • collection basic narrative for the landing page (average of 250-1000 words; DLC can pull from existing proposals to AGRSSR and for grants if available)
  • information on
    • copyright and permissions, if available or contacts to follow up
    • any collection-level pages needed aside from the collection landing page
    • any additional tech enhancements required
    • any partners to be credited (for use in creating wordmarks, adding attribution statements, and creating interfaces as needed)
    • any additional partner commitments (e.g.; if a DVD of all files needs to be mailed; if promo materials are need)
    • any upcoming events that will need collateral materials (e.g.; presentation that will need to include images from certain items by X date - this informs the timeline)
    • any other project needs (e.g.; creating promotion materials, finding aids, exhibits - these may require additional approvals, but need to be known in order to request)
  • disposition for physical items after digitization and archiving
  • list of items to be digitized to include any additional metadata such as subcollections, donor names, etc.
  • (DLC, Cataloging, and Subject Specialists collaborate to provide) metadata at the level required for all items to be included in the record feed to MANGO (this is for new collections only; existing collections have been reviewed and approved and follow their existing conventions)
Many of the items above may come after the project begins, but it's better to know them upfront or as soon as possible to minimize impact and costs. This is like construction - change orders dramatically increase costs.

Collection Page Development

  • Assigns collection code
  • Creates collection landing page using narrative
  • Creates banner image and submits for approval (design process may take multiple iterations)
  • Activates collection once approved
  • Adds all links within UFDC for collection hierarchy
  • Submits page link and text to:
    • Cataloging so that a new catalog entry for the collection can be added.
    • Electronic Resources for inclusion in Metalib at the collection level
  • Sets up processing workflow
  • Amends, in consultation with Subject Specialist, as changes are needed
(Documentation on prior Cataloging-DLC workflows)
Subject Specialist & DLC

Collection Page Development
Approves collection page and lists any additional pages or design changes needed (additional guide pages, wordmarks).
Additional text or pages may also be added later, but technological needs should be covered as soon as possible to allow time for development.

Primary Contact Work Required
Subject Specialist Item Level Processing
Subject specialist provides inventory list to DLC, which must include:
1) Notes on any special handling requirements. If there are any special handling requirements, DLC works with Subject Specialist to assign roles and processes for handling of materials.
2) Notes on any permissions already available (through deed of gift or other agreement)
DLC Permissions & Digitization
  • If no inventory yet, DLC creates one and sends to all applicable
  • If no notes on handling, DLC checks with subject specialist and Conservation Head as applicable
  • Creates records for all items
  • Evaluates materials for copyright and other rights (privacy, established agreements) as needed
  • Provide feedback to Subject Specialist on copyright status if needed
  • Uses funding and timeline priorities to manage digitization processing for collection materials, creates and shares timeline with milestones with Subject Specialist
  • Manages digitization for collection
  • Provide feedback on progress to Subject Specialist through Digital Dialog meetings and as project d timeline progresses
  • After digitization, DLC dispositions materials to Subject Specialist or their designee per their prior instructions

Cataloging the new Digital Collection
DLC shares collection link and collection description with Cataloging for cataloging of the collection level record; DLC shares collection link and description with Electronic Resources for inclusion in Metalib.

If finding guides are available or have been updated, DLC ensures link is added to finding guide for collection at least and indiviudal items as applicable for user ease.

Bookplates & Gift Inventories

If bookplates are needed, the Public Information Officer creates the physical bookplate and Copy Cataloging Unit Head creates the virtual bookplates.

Request the virtual bookplates here.

Gift inventories are created by the Development Program's Program Assistant.

Subject Specialist & DLC

Project Completion

1. DLC returns materials per Subject Specialist's specifications
2. Subject Specialist ensures physical files are properly processed into collections or to external agent.

Subject Specialist and DLC discuss and document any additional needs/extensions that were defined in the initial project design.
If not done before DLC sends collection information to Public Information Officer for use in promotional materials, and DLC creates at least a postcard or bookmark for use in promoting the collections.

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