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Digital Support Services (DSS)
Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O Box 117003
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA

P: 352.273.2900
F: 352.392.6597

Camera Backs


The following lists equipment used by the Digital Support Services department at the University of Florida Libraries. This list should not be taken as an endorsement of any manufacturer's product. Those using this list as a guide for their own purchases should be cautioned that equipment suited to the departments specific needs, source documents, or fitness-for-purpose determinations may not be suited to another institution's needs, the source documents they intend to image, or meet other fitness-for-purpose requirements.

Large format camera

Large format cameraPhase One IQ280 (purchased in 2015)


Pixel Resolution: 10,320 X 7,752 pixels
Mounting and copystand:The IQ280 is mounted on a Phase One Flex Adapter back for seamless stiching of larger items. This is mounted on a camera bellows that is on a locally constructed pole mount with ZBE mechanized raising/lowering device
(no longer manufactured)
Lenses: Sinaron Digital HR SW 5.6/90 with a SinareShutter M72
Lighting and stands: either Fluorescent Work Light (day light balanced) or Videssence Icelight 360 (fluorescent light banks)
Imaging Surface: vacuum easle to hold large object flat and in place during imaging
Deployment: one (1) units deployed within the Digital Support Services offices
Primary Use: flat paper (e.g., large maps, large photographs, herbarium specimens, newspapers, etc.)
Example Projects, Used for: PALMM World Map Collections; PALMM University of Florida Herbarium Specimens


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