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Digital Support Services (DSS)
Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O Box 117003
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA

P: 352.273.2900
F: 352.392.6597

Celebrating 100 years of IFAS and the Smith-Lever Act

Visit the Florida Agriculture and Rural Life Collection for more.

The Haiti Sun

A collaborative project with the Duke University Archives, the DSS is scanning a run of the of the Haiti Sun from 1950-1962.

Ramón Figueroa Mexican & Cuban Film Poster Collection

Collection: Digital Library of the Caribbean

Drew Field Echoes

Description: Newspaper published at the Drew Field Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

Collection: Florida Digital Newspaper Library

Antique Maps, Historic Sanborn Maps, and Aerial Photography

Collection: Map & Imagery Library Digital Collections

Archie Carr and Sea Turtles

Description: Archie Carr attaching weather balloons to sea turtles.

Collection: University Archives Photograph Collection

Alfred Browning Parker

Description: Alfred Browning Parker, architectural drawings, from the University of Florida Architecture Archives

Collection: University of Florida Libraries Architecture Archives Collection

Digital Library Center: Moving or Removing Items or Collections

Other than temporarily removing an error item for a short period for correction and reloading, items and collections are rarely moved or removed. These removals are processed using the metadata delete process.

Collections sometimes move as a result of their growth and development (to move from subcollections to collections, to split into multiple collections). When needed, these are handled by carefully remapping any existing codes, links, and records to ensure that there are no errors or confusion for users. Older legacy item numbers, a portion of older BIBIDs beginning with UF7 and UF9, were incorrectly loaded for a short time and required similar updating. If an item removal where the item is not being corrected and reloaded nor remapped to a new BIBID, the removal process would require: removing the item, adding a note on the reason for the removal (and duration if applicable), and maintaining all associated metadata.

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