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Digital Support Services (DSS)
Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O Box 117003
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA

P: 352.273.2900
F: 352.392.6597

Celebrating 100 years of IFAS and the Smith-Lever Act

Visit the Florida Agriculture and Rural Life Collection for more.

The Haiti Sun

A collaborative project with the Duke University Archives, the DSS is scanning a run of the of the Haiti Sun from 1950-1962.

Ramón Figueroa Mexican & Cuban Film Poster Collection

Collection: Digital Library of the Caribbean

Drew Field Echoes

Description: Newspaper published at the Drew Field Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

Collection: Florida Digital Newspaper Library

Antique Maps, Historic Sanborn Maps, and Aerial Photography

Collection: Map & Imagery Library Digital Collections

Archie Carr and Sea Turtles

Description: Archie Carr attaching weather balloons to sea turtles.

Collection: University Archives Photograph Collection

Alfred Browning Parker

Description: Alfred Browning Parker, architectural drawings, from the University of Florida Architecture Archives

Collection: University of Florida Libraries Architecture Archives Collection

Making a Flash Flip Book

  • Copy this folder and all of its contents to your workspace:
  • For the item to be made into a Flipbook:
    • Copy all of the JPG page images into the "images" folder (under the ExampleFlipBook folder)
    • If they will fit on a single DVD, copy all of the TIFF images for the item into the images folder
    • Use Acrobat to combine all of the TIFF images into a PDF; OCR the PDF using Acrobat; save the PDF to the top folder (save as Binder1.pdf, or the link in the index.htm file will need to be updated)
  • Open the config.xml file in the main folder using Wordpad
  • Change only the file names listed in the XML folder to match the filenames of the images.
    • For instance, if the first file for the flipbook you're making is named 0001a.jpg, then change the first image line
      from: <page zoom="images/00001.jpg">images/00001.jpg</page>
      to: <page zoom="images/0001a.jpg">images/0001a.jpg</page>
  • If the book is an unusal size, add or edit the first few lines of the XML file for the whole book size (double width, but not height)
    • <width>538</width>
  • Save and close the XML file
  • Double-click the UFLibraries.swf file in the main folder to test, making sure:
    • All of the pages are displaying correctly and in the correct order
    • The flipbook scales properly when resizing the window
    • Zooming works properly using the magnifier too
  • Copy all of these files to a DVD along with any other files that need to be added
    • Because this is a promo DVD, make it autorun
      • Either rename the autorun.txt file to autorun.inf (copied in the exampleflipbook directory)
        create a new autorun file by creating a text file with the text:
      • Name the text file autorun.inf and place it at the root of the burn disk
      • Move the index.htm file from inside of the main flipbook folder to the root of the disk
      • Edit the index.htm file to have the correct titles and links to the flipbooks and any other materials on the disk
  • Burn at least two copies of the DVD
  • Test each DVD
  • Place both DVDs in cases and label them with the BIBIDs on the DVD, the date burned, and the requester/reason
  • Place one DVD on the DLC promo materials shelf. This will be the ready-copy for use if additional promotional copies are needed.
  • Take the second DVD in a case to the Public Information Officer for appropriate promotional labeling and distribution

Creating DLC Promotional Material Requests Using Photoshop Web Gallery

For promotional material requests, burn two CD/DVDs (or sets if needed). One with the printable TIFF files and another with the Photoshop Web Gallery files.

  • Printable CD/DVD
    • Locate and download the materials from the DVD archive
    • Copy the tiff files from the BIB(s)
    • Burn the TIFF files to CD/DVD
    • Label disk "Archival Masters"
  • Photoshop Web Gallery CD/DVD
    • Copy the tiff files from the BIB(s)
    • Run an action to create screen size jpgs (~550px) in BIB folder
    • Run Photoshop Web Gallery (File>Automate>Web Gallery) using the Horizontal
    • Neutral style with the Large Image option on the Bib folder.
    • Open the generated html file with a text editor (Word Pad)
    • Replace the “Photoshop Web Gallery” with the appropriate title
    • Underneath the title, Add "For an online zoomable version of these images, click here" and link the text to the item in UFDC
    • Replace the date with “Digitized by the Digital Library Center, George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida”
    • To burn the disk, place all generated files and folders from the Web Gallery action and place it in the root of the burning software.
    • Create an auto run for the disk> Create a text file with the text:
    • Name the text file autorun.inf and place it at the root of the burn disk with the index.htm(html) file
    • Burn the disk
    • Inspect results
    • Label disk "Images for Browsing"
  • Finalize for Delivery

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