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Digital Support Services (DSS)
Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O Box 117003
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA

P: 352.273.2900
F: 352.392.6597

Celebrating 100 years of IFAS and the Smith-Lever Act

Visit the Florida Agriculture and Rural Life Collection for more.

The Haiti Sun

A collaborative project with the Duke University Archives, the DSS is scanning a run of the of the Haiti Sun from 1950-1962.

Ramón Figueroa Mexican & Cuban Film Poster Collection

Collection: Digital Library of the Caribbean

Drew Field Echoes

Description: Newspaper published at the Drew Field Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

Collection: Florida Digital Newspaper Library

Antique Maps, Historic Sanborn Maps, and Aerial Photography

Collection: Map & Imagery Library Digital Collections

Archie Carr and Sea Turtles

Description: Archie Carr attaching weather balloons to sea turtles.

Collection: University Archives Photograph Collection

Alfred Browning Parker

Description: Alfred Browning Parker, architectural drawings, from the University of Florida Architecture Archives

Collection: University of Florida Libraries Architecture Archives Collection

Preparation of Project in lieu of Thesis

The Digital Library Center accepts projects-in-lieu-of-theses for digitization and inclusion in the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC), within the University of Florida Institutional Repository. For materials to be processed into the University of Florida Digital Collections, all program requirements apply as well as several technical requirements listed below. Please note that non-project theses and dissertations go through the Graduate Editorial Office and are submitted electronically through an alternate process.

Requirements for projects-in-lieu-of to be processed into the University of Florida Digital Collections:

  1. Project-in-lieu-of must be turned into the graduate advisor for the department.
  2. Project-in-lieu-of must be turned in with a signed Internet Distribution Permissions form. All materials submitted to the University of Florida Digital Collections and the Institutional Repository are completely Open Access.
  3. If copyrighted materials are included, the project-in-lieu-of must be turned in with a signed letter of permission to quote or reproduce copyrighted material. Or it must include a list of materials for which copyright permissions were not granted so that the Digital Library Center can ensure that those materials are not included with the online files.
  4. File formats should conform to the acceptable ETD formats list.
  5. Recommended: please turn in all files for the project on CD or DVD. If you are turning your project in on paper, please use non-glossy paper to make the scanning more accurate if possible. For paper-only submissions, please follow the binding guidelines (architecture and music).

Printable guide: draft one page handout

Example: "The End and How it Looks" and "Film+Architecture" are examples of "project-in-lieu-of a thesis" digitized by the Digital Library Center.

Questions: Please contact your departmental advisor or the Digital Library Center with any questions.

Processing of Project in lieu of Thesis

  • The IR Coordinator liaises with advisors and acquires digital files from departmental advisor when theses approved along with copyright form.
  • The IR Coordinator uses the metadata provided by advisor to create a brief record and then processes the electronic files into one digital package and loads the files onto UFDC.
    • Any projects without the copyright clearance form go through the printed and binding process.
    • For any projects with materials that cannot be digitized for issues related to copyright or materiality, the IR Coordinator will turn those files over to Preservation with all existing metadata for processing following the normal binding procedures.
  • IR Coordinator notifies CatMet that the item with brief metadata is ready for full cataloging using the DLC metadata editor or using the MARCXML generated by UFDC (whichever is easier--the DLC can work with either for our workflows).
  • Abstracts aren’t included in the PILO catalog records. For standard ETDs, the abstract text comes to cataloging in the metadata from FCLA. Thus, the cataloging process for PILO catalog records will include harvesting and tidying the OCRed text from the Greenstone metadata.

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