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Digital Support Services (DSS)
Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL 32611 USA

P: 352.273.2900
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Celebrating 100 years of IFAS and the Smith-Lever Act

Visit the Florida Agriculture and Rural Life Collection for more.

The Haiti Sun

A collaborative project with the Duke University Archives, the DSS is scanning a run of the of the Haiti Sun from 1950-1962.

Ramón Figueroa Mexican & Cuban Film Poster Collection

Collection: Digital Library of the Caribbean

Drew Field Echoes

Description: Newspaper published at the Drew Field Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

Collection: Florida Digital Newspaper Library

Antique Maps, Historic Sanborn Maps, and Aerial Photography

Collection: Map & Imagery Library Digital Collections

Archie Carr and Sea Turtles

Description: Archie Carr attaching weather balloons to sea turtles.

Collection: University Archives Photograph Collection

Alfred Browning Parker

Description: Alfred Browning Parker, architectural drawings, from the University of Florida Architecture Archives

Collection: University of Florida Libraries Architecture Archives Collection

Digital Library Center : Project Templates

Oral History Template
Click for full screenshot

XML Template

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<!-- Begin the XML for this input template -->

  <!-- Define the information about this input template -->
  <name>Oral History Self-Submittal Tool</name>
  <notes>Template for the oral history program</notes>
  <permissions>I, as copyright holder or licensee with the authority to grant copyright permissions for the title, hereby authorize the University of Florida, acting on behalf of the State of Florida, to digitize and distribute the title for nonprofit, educational purposes via the Internet or successive technologies. This is a non-exclusive grant of permissions for on-line and off-line use for an indefinite term. Off-line uses shall be consistent either, for educational uses, with the terms of U.S. copyright legislation's &quot;fair use&quot; provisions or, by the University of Florida, with the maintenance and preservation of an archival copy. Digitization allows the University of Florida to generate image- and text-based versions as appropriate and to provide and enhance access using search software. This grant of permissions prohibits use of the digitized versions for commercial use or profit unless I specifically grant rights for those uses in the rights field for this item.</permissions>
  <dateCreated>February 18, 2010</dateCreated>
  <lastModified>February 18, 2010</lastModified>
  <creator>Mark V Sullivan</creator>

  <!-- This defines the inputs which are available for the user -->
      <name language="eng">Enter Interview Information</name>
        <element type="Identifier" subtype="fixed_type" repeatable="false" acronym="Enter the spohp identifier" >
            <label>SPOHP Id</label>
        <element type="Title" subtype="simple" acronym="Enter a title for this oral history interview." mandatory="true" >
            <label>Interview Title</label>
        <element type="Creator" subtype="fixed_role" acronym="Enter the names of the interviewee(s) (Personal names should be entered [Family Name], [Given Name].)" repeatable="true" >
        <element type="Creator" subtype="fixed_role" acronym="Enter the names of the interviewer(s) (Personal names should be entered [Family Name], [Given Name].)" repeatable="true" >
        <element type="Date" acronym="Enter the date for this interview" >
            <label>Interview Date</label>
      <name language="eng">Enter Abstract</name>
        <element type="Abstract" repeatable="true" subtype="simple" acronym="Enter your abstract here.  If your material does not have an abstract, you may include a summary of your document here." />

  <!-- This defines the constants which can not be edited by the user -->
    <element type="Type" subtype="simple" >


<!-- End of input template XML -->

Last modified: Saturday July 24 2010 lnt