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Digital Support Services (DSS)
Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O Box 117003
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA

P: 352.273.2900
F: 352.392.6597

Celebrating 100 years of IFAS and the Smith-Lever Act

Visit the Florida Agriculture and Rural Life Collection for more.

The Haiti Sun

A collaborative project with the Duke University Archives, the DSS is scanning a run of the of the Haiti Sun from 1950-1962.

Ramón Figueroa Mexican & Cuban Film Poster Collection

Collection: Digital Library of the Caribbean

Drew Field Echoes

Description: Newspaper published at the Drew Field Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida.

Collection: Florida Digital Newspaper Library

Antique Maps, Historic Sanborn Maps, and Aerial Photography

Collection: Map & Imagery Library Digital Collections

Archie Carr and Sea Turtles

Description: Archie Carr attaching weather balloons to sea turtles.

Collection: University Archives Photograph Collection

Alfred Browning Parker

Description: Alfred Browning Parker, architectural drawings, from the University of Florida Architecture Archives

Collection: University of Florida Libraries Architecture Archives Collection

Digital Library Center: Layered Media Preservation

Standards for digital preservation of interactive and performance digital media are available from texts on preservation, and the following is adapted from Erich J. Kesse's "Strategies for Microfilming Scrapbooks and Layered Objects" in RLG Archives Microfilming Manual.

Scrapbooks, diaries, and unconventional book structures often contain pages with layered or dimensional objects. Such pages include parts which display one of the following characteristics:

  • Overlapping parts (e.g., page layered with memorabilia).
  • Enveloped parts (e.g., a diary containing letters in pasted-down envelopes).
  • Folded or hinged parts (e.g., a page containing folded newspaper clippings).
  • Movable or pop-up parts (e.g., an "artist's book" or a child's pop-up book).

Steps for Digitizing:

  • First, film an image of the page as found, with all facets or openings on the page closed.
  • Then, film each facet of each item in logical sequence for reading order (so this should vary as applicable): left to right and top to bottom.
  • Within this order, overlaying items should be filmed before underlaying items, and envelopes should be filmed prior to filming their contents.
  • Every facet of an item should be filmed before the filming of another item begins, and every item on a page should be filmed before the filming of another page begins.
  • If a layered or dimensional item can be safely detached, remove it and film it separately from the page on which it is found. Otherwise, a blank sheet of ivory or black paper can be laid behind the individual item to mask it from the rest of the page.


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