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Digital Support Services (DSS)
Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O Box 117003
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA

P: 352.273.2900
F: 352.392.6597

Internships with the UF Digital Collections

The UF Digital Collections accept applications for unpaid internships, based on project need. 

  • Brief description:
    • The UF Digital Collections supports unpaid internships for projects that support the University of Florida as a whole and the UF Libraries.  Working with materials unique to the University of Florida, these internships serve the mission of the University by creating works of digital scholarship and providing contextualized access to materials, ensuring open online access and long-term digital preservation of the primary materials and their collateral supports.

      These internships are ideal for students interested in learning about:

      • Digital collection development
      • Digital exhibit development
      • Data structures and organization
      • Libraries, archives, and museums
      • Digital production (born digital normalization and digitization from analog) for digital preservation

  • Number of Hours/Credits:
    • 10 hours/week for a 3-credit internship (in regular fall and summer semesters) or as stipulated by the department or faculty advisor; most of the work is done on site.
  • Schedule Requirements:
    • Flexible, but a weekly schedule will be set (e.g. M-F, 9-11; MTWR, 9-11:30) for the semester.
  • Prerequisites/Qualifications:
    • Knowledge about and interest in digital scholarship; a good attitude and professional demeanor; and willingness to work.  Internship candidates must have the agreement of applicable academic advisor(s) and/or library subject specialists and must work with materials that promote understanding of their field.
  • Activities:
    • Interns will be involved in a variety of activities relating to digital collection development and support. They may work on any aspect including but not limited to creating digital collections, creating digital exhibits, creating promotional materials, working to further develop digital collections and increase their use and usefulness, digitizing analog materials, born digital file ingest and normalization, and archival and library processing that relate to the digital collection.
  • Details:
    • For more information, please contact Chelsea Dinsmore ( or 352-273-0369). The UF Digital Collections’ service unit is located off campus.

Internship Process

  • Matching Interests to a Project + Approval Process:
    • Project
      • Prior to being accepted as an intern, a project will be identified.
      • The project selected prior to the actual internship will serve the basis for the rest of the internship. The project may or may not include digitizing materials. The project will include the creation of contextual materials (e.g.; enhancing metadata, creating guide materials, creating collection landing and information pages, creating online exhibits, writing press releases, etc.).
    • Approval:
    • Timeframe: prior to being accepted as an intern.

  • Digitization Process + Project Refinement:
    • Interns will first learn the overall digitization process for digitizing texts and will then focus on the project work.
      • Interns will learn the full digitization process to learn how to complete each of the steps and how each set of requirements impacts the overall process. The digitization process includes: creating item records and initial metadata, scanning the item, image correcting, quality control and content description, processing for optical character recognition, metadata finalization, loading, and archiving.
      • Interns will learn about concepts and concerns for digital scholarship projects and these will inform both the digitization and the overall project work for the internship.
      • During this stage, interns will refine their project and draft a complete project management plan that defines the project, timeline, learning outcome goals, and deliverables.
    • See this document for draft and partial sample text for learning objectives that will inform the project plan; see the Harn's guidelines for student-initiated projects
    • Timeframe: weeks 1-3 of the internship.

  • Project:
    • Timeframe: remainder of the semester.
    • Mid-term project report.
    • Final draft project due by week 13. With final project a final report is due that reviews the project as well as the process (lessons learned, suggestions and concerns over the process, etc.).