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Digital Support Services (DSS)
Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O Box 117003
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA

P: 352.273.2900
F: 352.392.6597

Annual Goals for 2011/2012

  • Increase outreach, training, and promotion of UFDC and particularly for the Digital Library of the Caribbean and the Historical Everglades Collection (b)
  • Collaborate with Scholarly Communications to support training/outreach for the IR self-submittal tool (b)
  • Support donor development initiatives through tours, digitization, creation of new products, and discussion of available services with donors (b, c)
    • See capacity reports for projects approved and moving forward; expert consultation and estimates provided for projects on an ongoing basis
  • Increase awareness of new projects/expansion to existing programs through assessments/monthly capacity reports that include updates on functionality and services (b)
  • Collaborate with IT on the UFDC digital library infrastructure (a)
  • Collaborate to develop plan and supporting documentation to lend 1 equipment item to a dLOC partner for use in on-site digitization (a, b, c)
  • Increase the percentage of digital collections received as born digital (a, c)
    • IR
    • Newspapers
  • Enhance efficiency so that all new items are expeditiously processed through the DLC within 6 months of arrival (a)
  • Enhance UFDC records
    • LLMC enhanced records for materials
    • Enhance MANGO records
    • Collaborate with Cataloging on macros for metadata (b, c)
  • Support mass harvest/ingest of collections into the IR (ex: Journal of Undergraduate Research) (b, c)

Priorities for the UF Libraries

The Libraries' 2010 RCM Comprehensive Budget Review highlights a number of areas where the DLC can serve the Libraries:

  • Digitization of unique research materials (page 1)
  • Operation of an institutional repository as a permanent portal to access the digital scholarly output of UF students and faculty  (page 1)   
  • Support graduate student and faculty research needs through digitization of research materials [...] and improved access to scholarly publishing. (page 4)
  • data curation to support faculty in fulfilling federal mandates and enhancing curation and accessibility of their research product. (page 4) 

Division Goal Concepts:

  1. Reorganization, Renovation, Construction, Relocation
  2. Policy, Procedure, Communication, Documentation
  3. Data Integration

Progress on Goals (documented here starting 3/16/2011)

Additional reporting and tracking (all online reports are here):

  • Daily
  • Monthly
    • UPF report (15th of each month)
    • Library Council and AGRSSR
    • Digital Dialog
  • Quarterly/Semester
    • PCM reports (budget XLS and narrative)
    • DISC
    • Instruction stats
    • Intern reports
    • News for FACRL newsletter
  • Grants
    • Each, as required for grant agency (2-4x per year)
    • Mini grants (2: mid-year and final)
    • ARL stats
    • Convocation accomplishments
    • Department accomplishments for fiscal year
  • Fiscal and production tracking/reporting to support production needs:
    • Overall
    • By project
    • By project-section
    • All done daily, weekly, project-based, and component of project or section-base

Project Notes to Complement Other Reports - See Other Reports for More Information

Latin American Center Title VI Funding
Project 3: Rolfs archival collection
Project 4: Jornal
Project 5: Della Cava microfilm reels (external and ingest)

Possible later projects: Furniss photos; Latin American data bank: codebooks for data sets if not already digitized/available with ICPSR.
Complete: Charles Wagley papers ; Materials from the Ralph della Cava gift

Center for African Studies Title VI Funding
Derscheid; files from hunter/Wildlife Preservation archives; rare books; IR support for researcher applying for CLASHumCenter grant; possible Africana Librarians Council seed project, awaiting feedback from spring meeting

Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library / CNDL (10/2009 - 9/2013; now 9/2011):

Program Requirements for Toolkit and Technologies:
Modifying existing toolkit for newspaper-specific needs, released as Open Source for other projects to use
2010 and 2011: New METS viewer/editor released
2010: online user tools for patrons and partners
2010: online admin tools
2010: Documentation on all software and code available
auto-feed records to partner catalogs: 8/27/2010: robust feed options with MARCXML, OAI, and other supports
zoning: manual and automatic for several test newspapers; IPTC G2 compliant metadata for each article; 8/27/2010 - may not exist for originals

Program Requirements for Contextual & Collateral Materials:

Select several titles for article level indexing and text (possibly by integrating CNIP data)
Create partner pages and interfaces for all new partners (partner pages)
Develop copyright/permission request manual and training guides
Newspaper biographies for 32 titles
Usability testing and increased usage

Production Requirements:
Digitize, mount online, archive 55,000 Caribbean newspaper pages per year; collaborate to acquire permissions for Caribbean news titles (32 when grant submitted; updated list); collaborate to acquire born digital files from newspaper publishers


Create curriculum guides for newspapers in Caribbean languages
Two teacher training workshops (listed here)
Caribbean Speaker Series, video broadcast (listed here)
Conference presentations (listed here)
Lesson plan competition (listed here)
Print materials: mailings, bookmarks, postcards, posters, calendars, etc (in dLOC)
Cost share: DLC: .15 FTE (Laurie .05 FTE and Mark .10 FTE)

3/2011: preparing to ship reels to vendor
2/2011: new METS tool as new dLOC Toolkit with importer
1/2011: reels identified; Pres requesting boxes for reel eval before shipping for digitization
11/2/2010: test reel results shipped, will eval once received
10/2010: testing new microfilm digitization vendor
3/2010: many permissions requested and received, see list.
3/2010: permissions requested for Bon Nouvel; Gazettes - Cayman Islands, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Kitts
10/2009: integrate Caribbean news into news queue
Collection size statistics online here
Collection here

IR & Institutionally Related Projects:

  • ETDs, current from the Graduate Editorial Office
  • PILOs / Projects in lieu of theses
  • ETDs, retrospective: IA (ingest) ; FCLA (ingest) ; Historic Preservation
  • Serials: born digital; ingesting, maintaining, and supporting list of serials and UF Publications by College
  • SPOHP, born digital files
  • Herbarium, born digital files
  • Print Academic Journals & Books
    • Florida Anthropologist (after 2 years old)
    • Florida/Caribbean Architect (after 2 years old)
    • Jamaica Journal (after 2 years old)
    • Sargasso (after 2 years old)
    • Florida Museum of Natural History Bulletin
    • University Press of Florida books (OA and Orange Grove)
  • Self-submitted materials

Flagler Architectural Drawings (grant proposal)
24 months: 7/2010-6/2012 (initial timeline, 1/2010-12/2011, was delayed)
Timeline, 2010-Feb 2011, completed on time and on target

Timeline remaining for 2011:
July-Sept: digitization of 201-225 (more delicate materials, req. more time)
Oct-Dec: digitization of 226-250
Timeline, 2012:
Jan-Mar.: digitization of 251-267
Apr-Jun: create collection pages, supports; partner interfaces for Flagler & Memorial Presbyterian; publicize collection availability

Cost share: Renner .10 FTE, full grant; Mariner .08 FTE, YR2 only
Grant funding: 654 hours at $12/hour (total $7,920 for 2yrs; reduced by @$1,200 per project need; total became $6,720)

9/17/2011: 209 online (stats, removed grant and PR counts)

2/2011: 140 online (stats)

9/25/2010: Added links to the project blog from the DLC blog's blogroll and blogged it (; added a link from the Carrère & Hastings Digital Collection page; added links from these Wikipedia pages:ère_and_Hastingsón_Hotel


Training, Fellows, & Interns Supported

Graduate student interns (2) in summer/fall 2011
Internship project overview listed with WST
More pending planned meetings with CLAS faculty on incorporating UFDC/DLC into fall/spring courses
Visitors from the National Archives in Haiti (July 2011)

Promotional & Assessment

  • Data Collection / Presentation
  • For use in presentations by selectors, compile and create:
    • List of user comments overall and by collection
    • Wordles of most common searches overall and by collection
    • List of top searches with thumbnails of search results
  • Web
  • Online exhibits
  • Print
    • Reference desk card
    • Bookmarks
    • New brochure
    • Brochure on DLC services for faculty, for faculty liaisons to use in meetings with faculty
  • Reports for Curators
    • Quarterly on status of collections
      • Items, pages
      • Total hits
      • Most popular items
      • Any new tools/functions in UFDC
  • Notes Toward Workshops for 2012 (planning will begin after new chair in place; workshops not yet proposed or approved)
    • Assisting Subject Specialists with promoting/planning to build from their existing digital collections:
      • defining audience (who, for what/how, next steps to further serve existing audience and expand to new); explaining value and communicating with stakeholders
      • promoting the collections: available services; other services needed?
      • assessing impact: tracking and reporting available from the DLC; what other types are needed?
      • integrating with physical collections: for reporting (especially for SACS and other major reports), for collection development planning, for collaborative partnership development, what else? what's needed?
      • leveraging digital collections: additional ways to use digitized materials (loaning digital facsimiles for exhibits, etc); what needs? how can the DLC support?
    • External digitization: explaining existing service agreements and their use; if possible sharing information on current discussions if they might be applicable across collections; ARL principles; discussing and defining what's needed/wanted in new service agreements alongside particular project examples, will be used by Admin to inform priorities
    • Introduction to digital project development (planning, proposal development, project management, assessment; use resources)

University Archives: yearbooks will release 3/18/2013 (contract signed 3/18/2005 for a term of 8 years)

ASERL - Civil War: St. Augustine Examiner, and Southern Christian Advocate,

Judaica: LSTA grant proposal; ongoing stable support

Exhibits ongoing stable support

PCM: digitization, ingest of IA files, Spillway, DVDs, support for items as requested, presentation slide support

Army Map sets: estimated 4,659 remain (number increased from original with record review; list for project mgmt)

Metadata Updates/Reloads: Yulee (correct metadata for all 2,400 items; 2/24/10: existing available metadata updates loading); FIRM maps; SWFLN

Other projects:
details in capacity reports
potential projects which are currently in planning or in early stages of development include: Digital Vodou; Digging into Data support; French Pamphlet Portal; collaborative project with FSU; onsite digitization support with CopiBook on site at UVI


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