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Digital Support Services (DSS)
Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O Box 117003
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA

P: 352.273.2900
F: 352.392.6597

Digital Collection Services

Also, see Digital Humanities support. >>

The DSS provides a variety of services for developing, managing, and promoting archival and scholarly assets.  

Digital Collection Support: Hosting & Customization

  • Creation, hosting, support, and stewardship of digital objects and collections within the UF Digital Collections
  • All collections are:
    • Full text searchable
    • Browseable - with browse views by title and thumbnail, and by new items
    • Serve text, image, multimedia, audio, video files, data sets, and more within the same collection
    • Support for multiple file types (text, image, oversized images, video, audio)
    • Powered by rich metadata support, with automatic transformations for maximum interoperability
  • Customization of collections
  • Collections benefit from central infrastructure - new technologies are added for all (e.g.; map search using the Google Maps API)
  • Internationalized/localized interfaces in English, Spanish, and French


All records are open and fully available for download and use under the terms of Creative Commons CC0.

  • Open Archives Initiative (OAI) compliant
  • URI's provide unique and constant links ready for bibliographic citation
  • Records for all collections and items:
    • available as METS/MODS, MARCXML, and qualified Dublin Core
    • all formats are accessible online
    • a batch record feed in MARCXML is available here
    • all records and feeds include thumbnail icons. Catalogs can show the thumbnails along with records to greatly assist patrons in browsing and reviewing materials
    • RSS feeds for all items and all new items
  • Worldwide reach via Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines
  • Rooted in providing Open Access to archival and scholarly assets
  • Notification tools for new content alerts via RSS
  • Increase archival and scholarly assets' audience and access
  • Image zoom and pan viewing capabilities
  • Ability to serve a variety of organizational options for objects including:
    • hierarchical groupings allowing collocation by Area, topic, and geographical hierarchies for College, Department
    • monographic, page-turning functionality
    • multiple files connected to one descriptive record
    • one item, one record
    • mapping between various versions of a single work
    • journal volume, issue, title organization
  • Broad, internationally applied description methods using METS/MODS Metadata
  • Ability to apply controlled vocabularies and name headings

Scholarly Publications & Rights management

Digitization of materials held by the Libraries

  • Digitization equipment operated within a color managed environment for artifactual fidelity:
    • large format scanner for maps
    • slide scanner
    • open book scanner for fragile objects
    • high speed sheet feed scanner
    • flat bed scanners
    • digital photography studio for large or 3-D objects
  • Digitization experts
  • Software Suite - the Digitization Toolkit
  • Publishing
    • Convert traditional publications into digital publications
    • Provide a means for born digital publication
  • For other materials: CITT Faculty Media Lab (pricelist)

Digital Curation & Stewardship

  • Internships (internship policy; available internships; internships with partners: Samuel Proctor Oral History Program)
  • Content Knowledge & Outreach
  • Collection Support & Processing
  • Metadata Coordination
  • Preservation & Archiving
    • Bit level archiving
    • Multiple redundant data back-ups provided
    • Migration of various formats supported
    • Ability to archive all format types
    • System interoperability
  • Training on technologies for digital stewardship
  • Digital curation for data sets
  • Digital curation for digital scholarly works (following established guidelines to support evaluation)
  • Digital humanities (speculative computing) project collaboration and supports; see example projects:
    • Curated online exhibits: by scholars and students with scholarly review
    • Digital Library of the Caribbean : Teaching Materials Collection: graduate humanities students developed materials as part of coursework)
    • Arts of Africa: curated online collection from library and museum materials, with related physical exhibit
    • Digital Vodou: curated scholarly archive of primary and research materials
    • Supporting interns, fellows, and visiting scholars
    • Collaborative support on projects (speculative; reflective; interpretive; analytical) and to support existing research enhanced with technology

Authors and Patrons

  • myUFDC
    • self-submittal system for the UF Institutional Repository
    • user tools for saving searches, creating and sharing collections, and many others
  • reference support by email, phone, and mail for all collections

Standards Compliant

  • METS Metadata
  • Digitization standards followed:
    • High resolution TIFFs or A/V for archiving
    • JPEG2000 format for viewing

Digital Collection Development, Project Management, and Post-Development Tools & Services

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